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Archives for January 2017

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The "Acceptable" Prosperity Gospel

If you have been in the church for awhile, you are aware of the dangers of the prosperity gospel, otherwise known as the "health & wealth" movement. Or as we called it in my youth, the "blab it & grab it" gospel. Whatever you call it, it's dangerous, misleading and an affront to the true gospel of Jesus Christ. However, is it possible that even evangelicals who reject this...

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The Futility of Gender-Neutral Parenting

Anyone who's ever worked in a church nursery can tell you- boys and girls are different. But, be that as it may, some people feel strongly that parents, cultural and environmental causes shape a boy or girls concept of gender. It turns out however, that gender is in fact a biological matter that cannot be denied. This article from the LA times is coming to grips with somet...

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Why Christian Kids Leave Leave the Faith

While the statistics on Christian youth leaving the church are often overblown, for those who experience this reality among their own family or friends it is painful to watch. Tim Challies writes a brief post about some reasons, and more importantly some solutions, to this situation. ...

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If the U.S only had 100 people: Charting American's religious affiliations

With millions and millions of people and various religious belief systems it can be really hard to understand where we as a country stand on religion. The Pew research institute released a study that can help wrap our heads around this question. It's worth the 10 minutes it takes to read to understand where America stands religiously. ...

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