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Post Category: Gender Issues

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The Futility of Gender-Neutral Parenting

Anyone who's ever worked in a church nursery can tell you- boys and girls are different. But, be that as it may, some people feel strongly that parents, cultural and environmental causes shape a boy or girls concept of gender. It turns out however, that gender is in fact a biological matter that cannot be denied. This article from the LA times is coming to grips with somet...

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How to talk about gender with your kids...

Ask any parent from any generation and there were no shortage of awkward conversations they had to have with their kids (you might have been one of those kids). For today's parents, add to that list the topic of gender. Raising three kids of my own, I have found this article helpful in offering broad categories to think about as you help equip your kids to think well, wise...

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5 truths for our daughters

I'm a father who along with my wife is trying to raise a daughter. I love it. She is my joy and delight and I want her to grow up loving the Lord, His Church and His Word. I also want her to love God's plan for her as a young girl and soon young women. Read this short, simple article on 5 truths for your daughter to learn as she grows on her path to womanhood. ...

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