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Post Category: Marriage and family

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How Not to Teach the Bible to Your Kids...

As a parent, few things I teach my kids are as necessary as God's Word. Yet, it is easy to teach moral lessons and completely miss the gospel message. If you're like me, I don't want to raise moral, self-righteous children. I want to raise children who are impressed and amazed by the grace of God given to them in the gospel! But it is easy to do the first and not the secon...

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Marriages need more than compatibility

Ever since the 1990s 'compatibility' has been the buzzword amongst marriage counselors and authors. However, is compatibility really all a good marriage needs? Isn't there more to making marriage work than the fact that we somehow fit together? The fact that divorce rates have risen since the compatibility craze says there is. Read this great post about a biblical perspect...

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