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Why the Local Church Really Matters

It's not really an understatement to say that the church and local church is probably one of the most important institutions on the planet. Why? Because it is the only thing that Jesus left behind when He finished His earthly ministry. That is reason alone but there are other reasons the local church is very important. Spend five minutes and read this post to read the othe...

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The Worst Consequence of Skipping Church

Is church important? Of course most people will answer that it is...

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Every Church Member Has a Job in the Church....

We want the church to flourish and be an ongoing display of God's gospel. One very important, yet sometimes non-intuitive way that happens is through the simply actions of its members. This important article by the Gospel Coalition will help us think better about the best place on earth....

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The Importance of Getting the Gospel Right in your Church

Saying that you're "all about the gospel" is popular today (We say it on our very own website!). But what exactly do we mean by that statement? Dever, Greer & Onwuchekwa help us think more clearly on this popular phrase....

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