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The "Acceptable" Prosperity Gospel

If you have been in the church for awhile, you are aware of the dangers of the prosperity gospel, otherwise known as the "health & wealth" movement. Or as we called it in my youth, the "blab it & grab it" gospel. Whatever you call it, it's dangerous, misleading and an affront to the true gospel of Jesus Christ. However, is it possible that even evangelicals who reject this...

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Do Christian Parents Flirt With the Idol of Safety?

As staff we were talking about the dangers of living in such a blessed area like South Orange County. However, sometimes those blessings can get us too comfortable and allow weaknesses to develop. One such weakness is being too used to comfort and safety. All of us are parents and we asked an honest question: are we more concerned with our child's safety than the call of t...

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The Importance of Getting the Gospel Right in your Church

Saying that you're "all about the gospel" is popular today (We say it on our very own website!). But what exactly do we mean by that statement? Dever, Greer & Onwuchekwa help us think more clearly on this popular phrase....

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