Make Your Visit Count


Make Your Visit Count


Visiting a church is a unique and individual experience. Depending upon your background you either know the drill, have no idea what’s going on or are somewhere in between. Wherever you are on this spectrum, here are some tips to make sure you give any church a fair shake.


You may be here on a Sunday that is fantastic or a Sunday where something – the preaching, the music, the air-conditioning, or (please no) the refreshments are just…off. Either way a church is much more than any single Sunday, so visit at least three Sundays to get a good sense of what the church is all about.

Helpful tips:

  • Come early and stay late at least once. You can learn just as much about a church before and after the service as you can during the service.
  • Pick a new place to sit each week. This way you get a better sense of the people at the church.
  • Spend five minutes and look through the bulletin.


Any church is so much more than what you see on a Sunday morning. Get a fuller perspective by doing at least three of the suggestions below:

  • Talk to one of the pastors/elders to get a sense of the vision/direction and theology of the church.
  • Visit a community group or meet with at least one regular attender to get a sense what life is like in this church body.
  • Attend a visitor’s dessert. We have one every few months.
  • Browse the web site, and read Yelp or Facebook reviews.
  • Check out the Welcome Center and push the “I’m New Here” button on our tablet kiosk.
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9:00 - 10:15am | Room 109

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