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Ideology matters more than history in Los Angeles

When it comes to recognizing Christianity or not, it is clear that in Los Angeles, ideology will win over history. In a sad commentary on our times an image of a historic Christian mission has had the Cross 'edited' out for fear of marginalizing other religious groups. Read the full article here ....

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The Line That Divides Us: Theism

There is no doubt that the United States of America's founding members were theists. They may not have been committed Catholics or Evangelicals but they believed in some form of personal transcendent being. The country they founded however, seems to be fracturing along this exact fault line. This article helps you understand the issue more. ...

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How To Survive a Cultural Crisis

Mark Dever, pastor of Capital Hill Baptist church gives a helpful talk about Christians navigating the cultural crisis we face. ...

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In Defense of Christendom

You cannot hope to sustain a culture grounded in virtues that historic Christianity has championed while rejecting Christianity itself. Europe's coming demise is evidence of this obvious fact. ...

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