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The Line That Divides Us: Theism

There is no doubt that the United States of America's founding members were theists. They may not have been committed Catholics or Evangelicals but they believed in some form of personal transcendent being. The country they founded however, seems to be fracturing along this exact fault line. This article helps you understand the issue more. ...

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How To Survive a Cultural Crisis

Mark Dever, pastor of Capital Hill Baptist church gives a helpful talk about Christians navigating the cultural crisis we face. ...

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Thinking Biblically About Business Ethics

As Christians we need our faith to inform every aspect of our lives. Including the way we conduct our businesses. If you are man or woman who owns their own business & want to know how Christianity informs your work, read this helpful review of a book that is much needed today....

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Do Executive Jobs Have More Kingdom Value Than Dirty Jobs?

Having a Christian view of vocation is important however rare in the church today. Download or listen to this great panel discussion hosted by the Gospel Coalition on a Christian view of vocation. You'll find it encouraging and helpful as you think Christianly about your work,no matter what kind of work you do!...

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