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Get Ready for the Next Trend Amongst Evangelicals: the De-Conversion Story

A disturbing trend taking place within Evangelicalism: the de-conversion of well known Christian leaders and celebrities. While some might see this as cause for panic, I think this just reveals the fissures that have long existed in evangelical culture: the problem of the unconverted 'believer'. In other words as John the apostle said, 'they went out from us, but they were not of us..'(1 John 2:19) As the prevailing morals of the surrounding culture become less and less compatible with historic Christianity, more and more individuals who could normally ignore the tensions will say that they are 'de-converting' in actually what they truly have always been, unbelievers, is simply being made known. Read Michael Kruger's insightful article so you can prepare yourself for what will be an increasingly common narrative.