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The Church

The Church

The church is a display of God's glory. That's what the bible clearly teaches (read Ephesians).  There is no organization or institute like the church on the entire planet! 

The church ought to reflect God's eschatological plan for His people (eschatology are the doctrines and beliefs that communicate God's ultimate plan for all creation). In other words the church now should look like the church then- differnt ages, styles, races, and cultures. This is why at Christ Community Church we're not trying to be a hipster church, or a traditional church, or a conservative, progressive, older, younger, seeker, or whatever church.

We want to be what healthy churches have historically always been about; comprised of sinners saved by grace seeking to make much of Jesus Christ and thus bring maximum glory to God! This means meaningful membership, loads and loads of grace, the corporate pursuit of holiness, the ordinances of baptism and the Lord's supper, the centrality of the Word, the power of the Spirit and even church discipline. In short, we want what we profess with our words to be reflected in the way we live our lives. 

If that sounds like you or what you would like to be about, we would love to have you join us!