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The Gospel

The Gospel

The gospel is receiving a lot of attention these days and that is a good thing. But we also want to remember that Christiantiy is about more than just being about the gospel. To be clear, it's not anything less than that but it is certainly more. So when we say at Christ Community Church that "we're all about the gospel" what we mean to imply is that the news about what Christ has done for us is of "first importance" (1 Cor 15:1,3) but that there are also other imperatives that are necessary implications of this first importance that we also believe strongly in.

For example if we're going to be "all about the gospel" this implies that we know certain propositional truths. In other words we're about theology as well as the gospel. So at Christ Community Church we place a high value on theology from our children's cirriculum to our pulpit preaching; theology is important.

If we're going to be "all about the gospel" this further implies that we'll attempt to live in light of it. Which means the theology we value must play out in every sphere of our lives. Not just on Sundays but Monday through Saturday. Not just at church but everywhere and in every relationship. How should the imperatives of the gospel shape the way I am a husband, employee, student, housewife, financial investor? How should the gospel imperatives shape my views of emotions, conflict, psychological health and so on. So we place a high value on biblical counsel to help each other live the gospel in our daily lives.

If we're going to be "all about the gospel" this also implies that we ready to defend and preserve it. Not in a defensive or argumentative way but in a way that is winsome and relavent. So we believe in the art and skill of apologetics. We value being attractive ambassadors in a post-Christendom world. 

Finally, if we're going to be "all about the gospel" than we should want to spread it. This means missions, not just around the world to those who live in the Amazon but around the corner to those who work for Amazon (yes Amazon has many employees in South OC). So having a heart for impacting the world and the culture around us is important because the gospel is for the world and the culture around us.

So yes, at Christ Community Church we're "all about the gospel"  but that means knowing its propositions and content, living out its implications, preserving it from error and spreading it near and afar. We hope you're about this too.